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SONG is a China-based company with world-class ethics and professionalism.

We focus on regulatory affairs, accounting, finance, tax, and advisory services across a large range of sectors for clients of all sizes of business.


We cover a large range of audits. The annual audit is essential for many businesses for their local needs in terms of declarations to the authority, and international control and compliance purposes.

On a regular basis, it’s important to have a quality accounting to guarantee the health and the wealth of your business. We offer pragmatism and efficiency to our clients in the Chinese accounting system.

The tax environment is constantly moving, we provide client with the actual status of their company in term of CIT,  PIT  and also any taxes related to your activity or Tax exemption you may benefit from.

We offer a wide range of regulatory and administrative services in China and Asia, to support our customers with company and entity setups, modification of documents, and other needed procedures to assure compliance with the local authorities.

We provide services enabling our customers to stay focus in their core business. We take care of the social insurance declaration but also help our customers in their payroll management.

We support our clients’ development or restructuring needs with a pallet of services which integrate Due Diligence, valuation, risk management as well as forensic accounting or compliance support.

Our years of practice in a fast pace environment like Mainland China give us an adaptive vision of businesses as well than the reactivity needed to manage new opportunities.

We specialize in the merge and acquisitions between Europe and China and make two parts of the continent connecting to be able to share their opportunities.

Our range of consulting will start with guidance in terms of business aspects to detailed aspects of their activities as tax purposes.


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Are you looking for

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