About Us

SONG is a China-based company with world-class ethics and professionalism.
We focus on regulatory affairs, accounting, finance, tax, and advisory services across a large range of sectors for clients of all sizes of business.


SONG has deep understandings of operational, regulatory and cultural intricacies in China. Since the start of our business in 2007, we are making steady and rapid growth together with our clients.

We’ve accompanied hundreds of multinational clients for their regulatory and tax needs in China and also helped big Chinese accounts in their international investments. We know how to live and thrive in complex business contexts when dealing with China and Chinese particularities.

With over 400 million people living in middle-class families with an annual revenue equivalent to USD 50,000, China remains the world’s fastest-growing large market with a constantly evolving regulatory and business environment. Behind the gigantic size of the market, regional and local authorities hold a determinant role in business operations. It is most important to remain close and updated with every level of regulators to ensure the business vitality.

Our experienced local specialists work seamlessly with Chinese authorities for and on behalf of our clients while bringing in the true international vision and know-how into our services towards our stakeholders. SONG offers a personalized approach to each client, as we know pertinently that each business at every phase of its development may have specific needs that only customized services can be pragmatic and optimal.

SONG’s headquarter is at the heart of Shanghai city, with offices in HK and Paris. Our core management team has been based in China for more than 20 years, all our international staff all fully fluent in Chinese, our working languages include Chinese, English, French, Russian and Japanese.

The picture shows a meeting about the international business in China.

SONG (Service on new grounds) is happy to celebrate the anniversary this year of being a part of the Santa Fe Associates International (SFAI).

SONG Limited is a member of SFAI, an international network of professional services firms. Since 1997, SFAI provides through its network of professional firms all over the world, with accounting, auditing, tax advisory services, and management consulting. SFAI is represented in 100 countries globally with 300 offices.

Our Offices

Shaghai office of SONG, which offers China business services, including regulatory affairs, accounting, finance, tax, and advisory solutions.


Since 2007, our headquarter is located in the center of Shanghai, in the very dynamic Jing An district. Shanghai is among the four most competitive cities in Asia with Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, numerous fortune 500 multinationals choose Shanghai to host their Asia/China headquarter, it is the perfect place to manage your China-related businesses.

China business services by SONG, including regulatory affairs, accounting, finance, tax, and advisory solutions, Hong-Kong office in the picture.

Hong Kong

SONG is also located in Hong Kong for more than a decade.  Often used as a holding platform for entities in Asia, Hong Kong is one of the best places to bridge your Chinese and European activities.

China business services by SONG, Paris office.


SONG has a representative office in Paris. It was initially for accompanying our Chinese customers in their European development but gradually has been acting as the contact point for our European clients and prospects. Our specialists in Paris are perfectly China hand and able to answer with the most updated information.