Audit Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of audit consulting services. These audits are essential for local obligations, declarations to authorities, and international control and compliance purposes.

Asset audit is essential for any acquisition or restructuring between China and foreign countries in terms of compliance with the authorities. Any acquisition should be practically assessed by the tax office on the real value of the transaction. We perform this audit and assist our clients in their choices.

Following our client’s needs, we provide internal audits in terms of accounting or finance procedures but also in terms of social risks.

An auditing Firm is an intermediary service organization created by certified public accountants in accordance with the law, which is under a licensing management system supervised by the Chinese government. The scale and the internationalization of auditing firms should be taken into consideration.

The annual audit is essential for a WFOE in China even though it is not anymore a document with an obligation to the local tax office because when the company goes through the process with tax for acquisition, liquidation, dividends to shareholders, or another tax-related issue, the annual audit is necessary as a primary document to tax.