Externalized Services

Externalized Services

We provide services enabling our customers to stay focus on their core business.

We take care of the social insurance declaration and also help our customers in their payroll management. In that matter we take care of social declarations, issuing payroll documents for internal purposes, paying the employees.

Some of our customers don’t want to allocate an employee to manage administrative tasks such as cashier work or bank procedures, we take care of these procedures for them.

We also assist our customers in different tasks as sales invoicing (Fapiao), opening bank accounts, managing invoices and many more.

Social insurance is part of the salary structure of an employee. It’s also one of the costs for the employer to recruiter an employee. Both employer and employee should bear their respective proportions.

Once the employment starts, the employer needs to declare the exact amount (of both employer & employee’s parts) to the social insurance bureau and pay accordingly. The employee’s parts will be deducted in their individual salary.

The Cashier takes care of the routine cash/payment related issues or legwork with a local bank, the invoicing to clients, and following the request by accountants to do the legwork to the local tax office.

The Cashier should be a different person apart from the accountant based on the regulation in China.

After obtaining the Business License, the bank accounts can be opened properly, including Capital account, basic RMB account, and other currency settlement accounts if needed.