Tax Services

Tax Services

The tax environment is constantly moving, we provide clients with the actual status of their company in terms of CIT (Corporate Income Tax), PIT (Personal Income Tax) also any taxes related to your activity or Tax exemption you may benefit from.

We allow our clients to get aware of the risk of non-compliance or negligence in an environment highly sensitive in terms of tax. The regularity of tax management like VAT is vital for a company’s cash flow.

VAT – Value Added Tax, and Surcharges (Additional Taxes)

CIT – Company Income Tax

IIT – Individual Income Tax (withhold and remit tax for employees)

Custom Tax – for Trading Company while importation

The deadline for annual tax filing is the end of May in the next year. All the data filed are based on the annual audit report or the financial statement of the last month of the year.

The standard is 25% on the net profit, but from Jan. 1st, 2019 till Dec. 31st, 2021, for all the “Small Profit Enterprise”, the Company Income Tax rate will be reduced from 25% to 5% and 10%, with the different conditions.